USA Visas and Green Cards for InvestorsThere are several categories of visas specifically intended for investors to enter the United States in order to start a new business, invest in a U.S. enterprise, or expand an existing foreign business into the United States. Investor visas also permit visas for a recipient’s spouse and children.

Moro Legal, LLC, advises and represents individuals and businesses through the investor visa process for both temporary and immigrant visas. Attorney Joseph A. Moro can assist investors in all stages of the U.S. visa process, from developing an immigration plan, gathering the right evidence and documents, drafting and submitting petitions with USCIS, preparing for immigration interviews, responding to requests for additional evidence, dealing with immigration officials, renewing temporary investor visas, applying for green cards, and petitioning to remove conditions on investor green cards.

In many cases, it can be unclear which visa and immigration options are right for one’s particular situation to meet personal and business goals. Attorney Joseph A. Moro can help you find the path which best fits your needs. Schedule an attorney consultation online today or contact Moro Legal, LLC, for additional information.

Attorney Joseph A. Moro can assist with visa solutions for investors, including:

Investor Immigration Visas for Permanent Residence and Green Cards

Temporary Visas for Investors


Moro Legal, LLC, advises and assists investors through the visa process for both temporary and permanent U.S. visas. Contact us today for more information or schedule an attorney consultation online.


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